Fruitful Day Launches Gifting Range

January 30, 2017 Fruitful Day Launches Gifting Range

Are you looking to make someone’s day a little brighter?  

Fruitful Day is launching an exciting new gifting range from the 1st of February.  Starting at 395 AED, the large gift box is sure to delight and lead you on a journey of new discoveries.  Whether it's to brighten up a friend's day, mark an occasion, or thank a business associate, our unique gift boxes are the perfect way to send the gift of health.

Our large gift box comes as a wooden crate made from locally sourced wood has been carefully crafted, right here in the UAE.  The box has three compartments each filled with a different selection of delicious fresh fruit.  In the middle compartment, you will find an acrylic container that has been thoughtfully designed to be reused.  In the container is a selection of 4 cut fruits along with dark chocolate shavings and crushed hazelnuts for dipping, adding a sweet finishing touch.  While we started with fruit, in the 3rd compartment, you will also find a selection of dried fruit and nut mixtures to make this gift just a little more special.  

All the fruit in the large gift box has been expertly selected for great taste, and has been lovingly washed and prepared so it ready to eat and enjoy.  

We offer a range of cards to select for your box, which you can personalize and tie onto our beautifully packaged gifts.  To order or contact us for more information contact us at [email protected]