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All of our fruit boxes contain servings of delicious, fresh in-season and wherever possible, in-region fruit. A serving is an adult-sized portion – that could be an apple, a couple of mandarins or a small bunch of grapes. We will slice fruits where it makes sense (mangoes, papayas, melons for example). Our fruit is washed, individually bagged or served in containers and handled carefully to ensure that maintains freshness all the way to your doorstep.


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Custom Solution

For larger orders, we can tailor our boxes to suit your requirements. Whether you want a fruit of the day, a particular mix, or have another idea in mind we'll work with you to create the best solution for you. Click here to get in touch.
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If you have any specific preferences, we will do our best to incorporate them. Simply leave us notes on checkout.
Our fruit is washed 3 times with soda bicarbonate. Except where doing so would dramatically reduce the shelf life – for instance blueberries, strawberries and figs. We will always tell you when that is the case. After subscribing you will also have the option to add nuts & additional fruit to your box under subscription management.

* OK, so there’s no such thing as magic or Santa Claus (just kidding, there is) but the point that we’re trying to make is that our fruit is seriously delicious. And whilst we’re on the subject, anyone can claim that their produce is delicious, but we’re not messing around. You are welcome to visit us at Fruitful HQ in Dubai Investment Park and taste it for yourself. Alternatively, why not arrange for a trial box. If you are not 100% satisfied with your delivery, then click here for what to do.


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Only one promo code per order can be applied. If your box is already discounted and a promo code is entered, the discount with the biggest benefit to you will be applied to your box.

If you have accessed this website with a referral link, your first box will be automatically discounted by the referral amount. A detailed list of your credits is available under "billing information" in your profile.

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