Our Values

Our Values


We’re passionate about what we do and think of ourselves a family of friends. We’re focused on moving towards simplicity and away from complication. Our fruit box delivery service is straight-forward, convenient, and tailored to your needs- making it one of the easiest ways to reboot your body, relax your mind and take a step closer to living your best life. Our partners are local and regional farmers, industry experts and advisors who share the same enthusiasm for real food and improved wellbeing.

Driven to make your day better, we love delivering the benefits of fresh fruit to your workplace and lives.


We all know that healthy living is a long-term project - not something can check off your to-do list after a single day.

We believe that work and life can be better every day by making small choices towards a healthy lifestyle. Our commitment to our customers, partners and community goes beyond offering a premium product and level of service. From hand-delivering delicious fruit boxes that brighten up busy workdays to healthy eating education and the environment, we aspire to nurture and care for others and ourselves with the bigger picture in mind; understanding the difference that knowledge, wellbeing and a sense of empowerment can make in the quality of lives and company health.


We consider the details and it makes a big difference; it sets us apart from the rest. From carefully selecting the best fruit for each season and where it originates from, to focusing on how it’s prepared, packaged and transported for delivery; we’re mindful of each decision we make.

Our priority is always on great taste and putting the customer experience first.


There are no shortcuts. We work hard to keep you happy, setting our standards high and remaining focused on quality across every aspect of our business. From expertly curating a delicious array of vibrant, seasonal fruit with sustainable credentials, to skilfully preparing, organising and hand-delivering our eco-friendly fruit boxes directly to your workplace with flair; we are driven to be best-in-class and strive to help our customers enjoy healthier, easier and more fulfilling lives every day.