''So very Thankful'' Gift Basket (50 CM)

''So very Thankful'' Gift Basket (50 CM)

AED 850.00

It includes the following items:

  • Fruits: Dragon Fruit, Baby pineapple, Mandarin, Green Grapes, Red Plum, Banana, Mango, Red Grapes and more 
  • Avantcha Tea
  • Ziba nuts
  • Co-chocolat
  • Honey
  • Coffee


Our  handwoven Tribe Basket is the perfect way to surprise your loved one, colleague, family or friend. It includes our delicious, fresh fruits, and delectable dried fruits and nuts from Ziba Foods.

This gift brings together some of the UAE’s most desired brands. The basket by Tribe is ethically sourced and handwoven in Malawi, and a great product to reuse in any interior.

Ziba Foods specializes in artisanal nuts and dried fruits. They are delicious, nutrient-dense, sustainably grown and socially responsible food sources. Working directly with small-scale farms and cooperatives, Ziba sources only the highest quality agricultural products, many grown wild without active cultivation.

Avantcha, which was founded in the UAE, sources the finest teas from around the world and is a specialty tea brand established from extensive research, detailed tastings, and development of the finest quality teas. 'Avant' derives from the French word, Avant-garde and 'Cha', from the Chinese word for tea. Their collection ranges from organic whole leaf teas to those with herbal infusions.

Co Chocolat chocolates are created in micro batches, so each piece is quite special. They say “micro” not only because the quantity they produce are small and handcrafted, but also because the beans come from small-holding farmers who take pride in their produce and are part of the social enterprise. This is why harvest time is mentioned and exact area & region where cocoa beans were grown. This traceability not only tells you the exact farming community and families you supported when you bought Co-Chocolat chocolates, but this also ensures that the cocoa beans from which your chocolates were made are of premium quality.

Dimensions: 50 cm diameter basket

Serves up to: 20 people

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