5 ways to send ❤ to your partner in Dubai

While you and the kids might be enjoying greener pastures, sunny beaches, or the hustle and bustle of a city, your significant other is probably stuck in Dubai for at least part of the summer working hard while its 50C outside.

Here are 5 ways to help them survive the summer and feel your love from far away!

1. Send a box of organic granola/muesli to your home

Without your helping hand, breakfast is probably a bit of rush job these days.  Make sure your partner is getting off to a healthy start with one of Mix & Muesli‘s signature mixes or personalize your own mix and choose from over 60 ingredients.  There’s sure to be a little something for everyone!

2. Send a box of fresh fruit to their office

There’s nothing like a box of cold fruit on a hot day and a Fruitful Day discovery box delivers just that.  With all the fruit washed and sliced so it’s ready to eat, this makes healthy snacking a no-brainer during the working day.  With it being stone fruit season in the region, you can expect delicious cherries, nectarines, and peaches like you’re used to from home!

3. Sign him up for a Glambox for HIM (or HER!)

Glambox have recently launched a monthly box for him with all the best grooming essentials.  Anyone stuck in the Dubai heat, appreciates a good moisturizer and some fragrance to keep fresh throughout the day.

4. Call a gym near you and ask for summer promotions

There some amazing deals out there – GuavaPass, for instance, are offering 4 class starter package for 279 AED, which is a great way for your partner to try a few new classes around the city and see if it’s a fit!

5. Encourage your partner to take time for a mental wellbeing check-up

Being away from loved ones in the summer can be tough.  We don’t take enough time to stop and ask ourselves how am I feeling today?Encourage your partner to use a quiet hour at work and book a 30- minute Mental Wellbeing Check-Up at The LightHouse Arabia. 


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